About Us.

'Shabdakosh' is a Nepali word which means Dictionary. This Shabdakosh (dictionary) website is free version of online English to Nepali dictionary aimed to facilitate English words meaning in Nepali. Since the website is responsive it can be easily accessed and used from PC and mobile browsers. Currently our dictionary has around 30,000 words and we are committed to make it bigger and bigger day by day. In later days, accepting the request of web site user our team will add Nepali to English dictionary as well.
Though the dictionary and meanings have been developed precisely, it may happen some words or meanings are found inaccurate. This site and dictionary are in constant course of improvement. So any inaccurate words/meanings will eventually be amended by our linguistic experts. Over the years people struggle to find the right meaning and keen to learn the language. They sometime need to search around the internet to get the meaning and translation. This site provides all these and provides meaning as well as translation.